Friday, August 10, 2012

iPhone repair

I have now successfully fully repaired two iPhones that were given to my niece; both times she managed to destroy them though.

So, it is because of this fact that I can say I am rather intimately familiar with an iPhone and all of its internal parts. I should offer a cautionary note though. For anyone wanting to try said repair them selves, please be sure that you get all of the screws out. Otherwise you will be just like I was on my first attempt, and breaking a piece off the logic board-- something which cost yours truly 'mucho deniro and some American dollars too' (to quote Chevy Chase in Caddy Shack).

I am currently without any videos of this process to show you. But I am rather proud to say I just recently finished one, which I installed Siri on an original iPhone 4, note I said iPhone 4, not 4s. Here is a video which shows Siri working on said phone.


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  2. Sorry, Iphone 4 Repairs, as the shipping to Australia would be a killer. Besides that would be undercutting what I am trying to get started here in America.